5 Reasons Why with Lisa Reeves, SVP of Product

September 17, 2017

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with, advised and invested in some spectacularly innovative companies. The common thread at each of these companies – what propelled the idea into action, transformed the vision into a product – has been the people. When Jay approached me about joining Zenefits, I couldn’t resist the challenge to shape the future of HR tech – the tools that find, recruit and keep the people behind some of the world’s most innovative companies happy and satisfied.

Here are the 5 reasons why I joined Zenefits:

  • Massive opportunity To date, no modern cloud company has captured the SMB market for HR tech. On one side, there are legacy vendors that have been around for years but aren’t fully integrated with a digital, full-service HR platform. On the other side, there are modern cloud vendors that are focused on large enterprise. Zenefits’ total addressable market is massive. And it’ll only keep growing.
  • A bright future – Like any company, Zenefits has experienced growing pains and has its critics. But those on the inside know that we’re disruptive and innovative. With a nimble approach, we can build a great company and a great product — all we have to do is keep our eyes on the path ahead.
  • The best of the best – Jay has assembled a leadership team of some of the best and brightest in HR and SaaS. Each day, we learn from each others’ deep experience in the industry and in our own functions. Together the team shares, learns, and iterates — and the product and company evolves right there with us.
  • Customer community – Zenefits customers are beyond enthusiastic! This tells me that the product team has built something solid. But the modern workplace is changing every day, so the Zenefits platform needs to not only keep up, but remain several steps ahead. I know that the product team will be able to keep pace, because some of the most valuable feedback comes from our own employees — the most loyal users and harshest critics.
  • HR Trailblazers – The employee experience is make-or-break for companies in the fast-paced, on-demand world we live in. Using HR technology to create a digital employee experience that is modern, seamless and — dare I say — fun is one of the most exciting tasks ahead.

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