A Day in The Life of Alexandra Russell, Senior Customer Care Associate

April 22, 2018

Here at ZenNation, we believe that leading with transparency helps us do our jobs better and fosters an environment of open communication. As a part of that mission, we want to showcase all of the cool things our team is working on to help demystify what working in technology really means. Our latest blog series, “A Day in the Life” spotlights what working at Zenefits is like for our employees. First off in our series is Alexandra Russell, also known as AR since her first day at ZenNation. Keep reading to discover what a typical day consists of in her role as a Customer Care Senior Associate in our Tempe, Arizona office. 

Monday, 4/23

6:00 am: I get into the Tempe, AZ office and set up my laptop at my desk. I always start my morning with cold brew from our Press Coffee keg before reviewing emails.

7:00 am: I have a weekly sync with my manager and fellow Senior Associate. We discuss our plan of attack for the week, including but not limited to, any absences from our team, high priority cases, and ongoing project management.

7:30 am: I grab an Einstein’s bagel from the kitchen since these are brought in on Monday mornings for us. My favorite is a toasted everything bagel, half topped with veggie cream cheese and half with avocado.

10:00 am: I have my weekly 1 on 1 with my manager, where we typically chat about anything going on with our team. This week, we are focusing on a project in which each member of our team creates a “cheat sheet” on topics they find challenging, such as imputed income, tax notices, and deductions.

10:45 am: Between meetings, I am at my desk and answering questions, either in person, on Slack, over Google Hangouts, or in cases themselves. I also take over any support phone calls when needed.

11:15 am: I grab a plate of catered Chinese food for lunch and head to a meeting with some fellow Senior Associates. We are receiving an overview of a new training program we’ll be integrating for our teams. I built the current system we have last summer, so I’m excited for this new phase to begin.

12:30 pm: One of the product managers is visiting from our San Francisco office, so she walks me through how to help an administrator set up a new PTO policy.

1:45 pm: I am reviewing associate cases for quality, which I’ll use to coach them throughout the duration of the quarter. I put on my headphones and turn music on to help me focus! Today I’m listening to The Killers and Maroon 5.

2:35pm: Once I’ve confirmed my team members are good to go and have no questions, I pack up my stuff and head home. On Mondays, I attend spin class at the local YMCA and then take my 110 pound Doodle for a long walk around the neighborhood.