A Day in the Life of Jean Vera, Manager, Banking Specialist Manager

June 5, 2018

Here at ZenNation, we believe in constant learning, open channels of communication, and celebrating the work that we each accomplish each and every day. In hopes to showcase those priorities, we want to showcase all of the cool things our team is working on to help demystify what working in technology really means. Our latest blog series, “A Day in the Life” spotlights what working at Zenefits is like for our employees. Continue reading for a snapshot of Jean Vera’s daily routine as a Banking Specialist Manager in our Tempe, Arizona office. 

7:30ish: I log into Gmail to get a temperature on the day and address any urgent emails.

9 – 930 AM: I arrive at the office, set my laptop at my desk and head to the kitchen for coffee. I fill my glass mason jar with a concoction of ice, cold brew and a splash of milk. Then, the agenda is to go through the days “hot stuff” with my team: cases that may require my approval or are urgent. We use a whiteboard as a visual aid and update it throughout the day so we know what’s outstanding. Our goal is to help client’s payrolls keep running.

10 AM: The Treasury Manager walks over to discuss exciting things coming down the pipeline and I provide feedback on how they may impact clients. He is a thought partner in finance and data analytics related matters. Maintaining a good working relationship between our teams gives me an opportunity to advocate for clients and payroll operations.

11 AM: I grab lunch from the kitchen, usually a salad with lots of protein and a La Croix water.

1130 AM: I take a break by going on a walk around Tempe Town Lake with a friend. The fresh air and sun provide a respite from sitting in an office chair. I take my cell phone in case someone needs to reach me on Gchat.

12 PM: It’s time for a weekly 1-1 with a member of my team. We hop into a conference room to discuss their goals and progress, any difficult cases, and to connect on life overall.

1PM: I attend a stakeholder meeting with Product and Eng to discuss updates and trends affecting payments and the client experience. We prioritize and scrub tickets per our Roadmap. I continue to field questions and requests throughout the day from my team and other internal teams.

3 PM: I have a Babybel and some mini pretzels for an afternoon pick me up. I listen to music while I run reports. Mode helps me understand volume, trends and my teams service quality. I’ve been known to bop to Forgot About Dre when I’m concentrating intensely.

4 PM: I work with an IM through determining the best settings for payroll processing for a client. I like to prevent client issues by helping make sure they have a good experience through their entire life cycle.

5 PM: I start to wrap up the day. I send out the last few emails, check my calendar, update my to-do list, fill my reusable water bottle and check in with my team once more.

5:30 PM: I pack up and leave the office so I can make my spin class on time. Walking to the garage is a great time to catch up with colleagues.