A Day in the Life of Mawi Shahin, Customer Care Manager

April 27, 2018

Here at ZenNation, we believe that leading with transparency helps us do our jobs better and fosters an environment of open communication. As a part of that mission, we want to showcase all of the cool things our team is working on to help demystify what working in technology really means. Our latest blog series, “A Day in the Life” spotlights what working at Zenefits is like for our employees. Continue reading for a snapshot of
Mawi Shahin’s daily routine as a Senior Tax and Compliance Analyst in our Tempe, Arizona office.

Wednesday, April 25th:

9:30 AM: I arrive at our beautiful Tempe office and put my things down at my desk. I plug in my laptop and grab some coffee. Typically, I get a cappuccino with 1 or 2 sugars. 

9:40 AM: I dive into my emails to look for important announcements. I also take a look at my calendar to get ready for any meetings that I have throughout the day. Today, I have two one-on-one’s with members of my team and a meeting to discuss our internal training programs. 

10:30 AM: I take a look at our case volume for the day and start looking for possible trends. I sync with the Senior Customer Care Associate on my team to see if there are any time-sensitive items that need to be addressed immediately. She also fills me in on anything that has happened that morning. 

11:30 AM: I jump into the first one-on-one for the day. During this time, I ask them about how their day is going, look into their stats for the previous two weeks, and provide guidance on any outstanding issues.

12:00 PM I stride over to the next meeting with members of different teams within Customer Care to plan our upcoming training programs. We discuss what’s working well and what isn’t and strategize on how we can improve for future trainings. I look forward to these sessions as they give our team an opportunity to constantly improve our processes and workflows. 

12:30 PM: I head on over to the south side of the office to grab some lunch. Today, I had pan-seared chicken breast with some hot sauce, steamed veggies, and a side salad with a lot of beets.

1:00 PM: I jump into my next one-on-one and then head over to my desk where I answer questions, take over phone calls when needed, and reply to any pings or emails. I also get stopped by members of the Payroll team to debate the color of my shirt: salmon, peach, orange, or pink. My vote is for salmon, but apparently it was up for question!

2:30 PM: I run a few reports to analyze the team’s performance and caseload for the day. During this time I work on any projects related to my team or department and update the project management tool that the Senior and I share. 

5:00 PM: I run quality assessments for Customer Care cases and note down any coaching opportunities for each member of the team. I then head outside for a breath of fresh air with some colleagues, my 15-minute break. 

5:15 PM: I take a look at our case volume once again to see how things have fluctuated. I write up any important announcements to prepare for Friday’s team meeting and finish off a to-do list for the next day and pack up my things. 

6:10 PM: I make sure that everybody is finished with their phone calls for the day and head out to the parking garage with my coworkers. I head over to the 8th floor of the parking garage, connect my music to my car, roll down the windows, and head home!