A Day in the Life of Roxy Kirk, Finance & Risk Customer Care Specialist

April 29, 2018

Here at ZenNation, we believe that leading with transparency helps us do our jobs better and fosters an environment of open communication. As a part of that mission, we want to showcase all of the cool things our team is working on to help demystify what working in technology really means. Our latest blog series, “A Day in the Life” spotlights what working at Zenefits is really like for our employees. Keep reading to discover what a typical day consists of for Roxy Kirk, Finance and Risk Customer Care specialist, in our Tempe, Arizona office.

Tuesday, April 24th

6:50 AM: I arrive at the Tempe, AZ office, grab a cottage cheese for breakfast from our fully stocked snack refrigerator and settle in for the day. It takes a few minutes to log into everything and as it loads I go through my Slack channels and get responses to any coworkers who have unanswered payroll banking questions.  

When everything is up and running, I reply to clients with inquiries in our email queues and follow up on any outstanding client inquiries from the previous day.

9 AM: Connect with my manager over coffee and loop her in on any processing deadlines or client inquiries that need her immediate attention.

10:00 AM: I meet with our ZeneWomen leadership team in both the Arizona and San Francisco office to sync up on our event planning and get the final details for our upcoming volunteer event. Zenefits offers VTO, or “Volunteer Time Off” so we can dedicate working hours to contribute to a meaningful local cause.

11:00 AM: I connect with the rest of the team and assist them with resolving any outstanding issues they’ve received throughout the morning. I love these collaborating moments as it allows us to troubleshoot resolutions together and become stronger as a team. 

12:00 PM: I grab a bite to eat from the catered lunch provided in the kitchen. It’s sandwich day today, my favorite! 

2:00 PM: We have our weekly team meeting where our manager lets us know about any upcoming process or schedule changes we can expect this week. We also review a client’s feedback about one of our processes and brainstorm on how we can improve to better meet client needs.

3:00 PM: I have a meeting with our Payments Product Manager (PM) from the Vancouver office to go over product challenges our team has had this week in addition to client feedback we have received. He will then let me know of any product updates we can expect so our team can be adequately prepared.

4:00 PM: Touch base with everyone to make sure they have what they need to complete the rest of the day successfully. When everyone is in a good place, I head out. One of the benefits of being the first one into the office is I can be the first one out and head home and enjoy the evening!