Category: Life at Zenefits

Meet Suchit Parikh, Sales Development Representative, San Francisco

“I am most excited about being apart of a team that has the finish line in mind and working together with awesome people to get there.”

Meet Andrew Hicks, Sales Development Representative, San Francisco

“If I could invent an ice cream flavor, it would hands down be ketchup!”

Want to Grow? Embrace the Grind – A Note from Zenefits CEO Jay Fulcher

It is in the grind — at times uncomfortable — that you learn, become exposed to new people, new ideas, new inspiration, and new problem-solving.

Meet Marcus Mayberry, Inbound Sales Development Representative

I love being involved in almost every outdoor activity, whether it be hiking, skiing, or going on road trips.

Meet John Keane, Inbound Sales Development Representative

I’m most excited about coming into a company with a great culture and being surround by like-minded, motivated people.

Meet Madeline Engle, User Experience Designer

As a UX designer, I want to help make the user experience of Zenefits even more intuitive and seamless than it already is.

Meet Ada Lee, Inbound Sales Development Representative

I’m excited to be a part of an organization that doesn’t just see employees as a number, but as people with an opportunity to grow and full of potential.

Meet Casey Busher, Manager of Customer Marketing & Advocacy

If I could invent an ice cream flavor, it would be Rhubarb Mango, so long it’s as good as my mom’s rhubarb mango pie.

Meet Avinash Karangula, Senior Software Engineer

My go-to karaokee song? Any random flavor of the month Bollywood song!

A Day in the Life of Jean Vera, Manager, Banking Specialist Manager

I have a Babybel and some mini pretzels for an afternoon pick me up. I listen to music while I run reports. Mode helps me understand volume, trends and my teams service quality. I’ve been known to bop to Forgot About Dre when I’m concentrating intensely.