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Prioritizing the Wellbeing of Your Greatest Asset: Your Workforce

About one-fifth of Americans experiences mental health issues. Beyond the significant personal impact, work-related stress costs businesses $300 billion in…

The New World of Work: The “Blended” Workforce

Regardless of company size, today’s workforce looks and behaves very differently from the workforce of twenty years ago. Generational changes,…

Leveling the Paying Field for 99.7 percent of American Businesses

Equal Pay Day, now in its 23rd year, is a much-needed reminder to gauge businesses’ —sadly incomplete— progress in closing…

Meet Kiley Naylor, Account Executive, San Francisco

Tell us about yourself in the form of a meme or a gif: Tell us about yourself within 2 truths…

Empowering ZenNation to Become Engaged Citizens

Beth Steinberg, Chief People Officer, Zenefits I’m proud to announce that Zenefits is officially offering Civic Time Off (CTO) as…

Meet Jack Murphy, Sales Development Representative, San Francisco

“I’m really looking forward to improving my skills as a sales representative and absorbing everything I can from my colleagues.”

Meet Howard Shin, Sales Development Representative, San Francisco

I’m really looking forward to learning from my peers, and getting Zenefits into the hands of people who can truly benefit from its amazing, integrated HR service.

Thursday at ZenNation: A Day in the Life of Tori Randolph, Customer Care Associate

This weekly sync is the perfect opportunity for us all to align on what we’re focusing on, how we can help one and other, and plan for the week ahead. 

Meet Catherine Bellet, Customer Care Associate, Tempe, AZ

The team works well together and does a great job of asking questions and relying on one another for support. We are fun, unique, and eager to learn.

A Day in The Life of Alexandra Russell, Senior Customer Care Associate

I get into the Tempe, AZ office and set up my laptop at my desk. I always start my morning with cold brew from our Press Coffee keg before I review my emails.