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In it Together: Leveling the Playing Field for America’s Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

February marks the start of a new fiscal year for Zenefits.  As we cast our product, service and market plans…

The CEO Mission: How Activism Fills the Void

Large corporations have long played an active role in U.S. policy and in defining best practices that impact their bottom…

Redefining Wellness: Empowering Employees for a New World of Work

In today’s socio-economic and political climate, responsibility has increasingly shifted to business owners and CEOs to empower their workforce and…

Want to Grow? Embrace the Grind – A Note from Zenefits CEO Jay Fulcher

It is in the grind — at times uncomfortable — that you learn, become exposed to new people, new ideas, new inspiration, and new problem-solving.

Inclusive Innovation: Why Cross-Functional Teams Create Better “Hacks” – A Q&A with Zenefits CTO and Co-Founder, Laks Srini

Regardless of what you call it, continual, collaborative innovation is useful for any business. Freeing up time for creativity is key to a thriving, growing business.

The Great Healthcare Experiment: Another Hat in the Ring

Colin Rogers, SVP & GM – Benefits Solutions Creating access to quality, affordable healthcare has long been seen as the…

Welcome Didi D’Errico, our new VP of Communications, to Zennation!

My heart belongs to HR technology. I love telling the story of products that I use and that move the needle in making businesses better places to work.

Welcome Shaun Wiley, our new CFO, to ZenNation!

We’re thrilled to welcome Shaun Wiley as Zenefits’ new Chief Financial Officer!

5 Reasons Why with Souvik Das, SVP Engineering

I believe the world is at an inflection point. The world is getting more connected with the internet. More and more SMBs are getting online to leverage the power of the internet for their businesses. Zenefits is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this opportunity to provide these SMBs with software, tools and technologies for their employees.

5 Reasons Why with Lisa Reeves, SVP of Product

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with, advised and invested in some spectacularly innovative companies.