Celebrating Zenefits Customers

November 17, 2017

At Zenefits, we have 6 core values that act as our North Star when it comes to driving toward our mission of contributing to the greater good. We’re constantly finding ways to incorporate these values into the way we work, and we realized that our stellar customers do the same. In the spirit of celebrating others, we thought it would be fun to applaud these rockstar builders, innovators and leaders in their own workplaces through celebrating them with awards that recognize their hard work.

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award recognizes an organization that continually innovates in the HR space, whether that be improving upon onboarding experiences, building a positive culture, or adopting new tools to make the organization function more smoothly.

Winner: Sam Crumley, VP of Employee Experience at Panopto

“Using Zenefits has helped us streamline the administrative and transactional tasks so we can hit the ground running day one with deeper cultural onboarding.”

Sam Crumley leverages Panopto’s incredible video technology alongside Zenefits’ onboarding to create a powerful experience for new hires. Read more in Sam’s article Driving Adoption of HR Tech: For Users, by Users. Nice work, Sam!

Showcasing Leadership Award

The Showcasing Leadership Award acknowledges an organization that risen as a leader in the HR and business space. Whether it’s writing articles for the Zenefits blog, contributing to the Zenefits Customer Community, or speaking at Zenefits events, the winner of this award takes leadership to the next level.

Winner: Chris Bennett, CEO at 97th Floor

“Whether you’re running a turkey farm, a marketing agency, or anything in between, don’t micromanage; give your employees the power to accomplish great things, and they’ll lead your business into a bright and successful future.”

Chris Bennett, CEO and Founder of 97th Floor, an award-winning digital marketing agency,  showcased his expertise by taking the lead and co-hosting a webinar with Zenefits about How to Create High-Performance Teams without Micromanaging. Thanks for your leadership, Chris!

Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award goes to an organization that dedicates its time to fighting indifference and injustice. The winner of this award utilizes Zenefits to save them time so that they can focus on what matters.

Winner: Jake Morton, VP of Operations at Mercy For Animals

“We were able to delay hiring a full-time HR coordinator for over a year. That savings was put to use immediately into our programs allowing us to spare the lives of more than 1 million animals thanks to Zenefits.”

Mercy For Animals is an LA-based non-profit fighting to stop animal prevent cruelty to farmed animals while promoting compassionate food choices and policies. Jake Morton ensures that they use Zenefits innovatively so that their focus can stay on what’s important: reducing animal cruelty. Keep up the good work, Jake!

Killing Busywork Award

The Killing Busywork award highlights an organization whose focus is on removing the busywork from your every day. The winner of this award demonstrates what it means to optimize efficiencies throughout a company, from consolidating workflows, to utilizing Zenefits as a one-stop shop.

Winner: Shae Jackson, Director of Human Resources at nFocus Solutions

“We use Zenefits and are 100% paperless. Over the past year we have scanned and uploaded paper files via custom fields to each employee’s profile. It is convenient when I have to find something that I don’t have to unlock a filing cabinet in one single location. The custom fields allowed me to upload docs and access them whenever and wherever needed.”

Shae Jackson has eliminated paper files entirely so that HR processes are streamlined. With improved processes like this, nFocus Solutions can get back to developing innovative technologies and intelligent business solutions for the public sector.

We’re so proud and honored to get to work with such cutting-edge companies across industries and sizes. You inspire us every day, and it’s folks like the Sam, Jake and Chris that keep us excited about building the best in class People Platform. Know of a Zenefits customer that deserves shoutout? Shoot us at a note at community@zenefits.com – we’d love to chat!