Customer High-Five to Project Juice!

March 16, 2018

Here at ZenNation, there’s nothing we love more than getting to interact with our innovative customers. So, when our friends over at Project Juice let us know that they just launched a new, ultra-healthy, pre-made smoothie line, we knew we had to try them! So, rather than bee-lining to the coffee machine at 2 PM, our team reenergized with a live demo and sampling of the new Project Juice Sub Zero Superfoods.

After lots of debate and (several) rounds of taste-testing, the resounding consensus was that we’re totally hooked.

Our team loved the Blueberry Protein flavor, but it was a close call between that and the Cauliflower Maca blend. Which looks tastiest to you?

Thanks for coming, Project Juice! We hope to have you again at ZenNation very soon 🙂