Customer Spotlight: How Zenefits Helps EmeSec Build Strong Company Culture

March 26, 2018

A special shout outto Jenna Mullikin, Human Resource and Talent Acquisition Manager, for sharing her stellar experience with Zenefits at Emesec! 

When I was originally asked to pick a topic for this blog…I thought about the usual elements of onboarding, benefits, and employee retention. After taking some time to consider my options, I realized that there was no way I could write about just one as they all go hand in hand. At EmeSec, offering our employees a streamlined onboarding experience and a simplified benefits enrollment have contributed significantly to a great employee experience, as well as boosted our employee retention. Our goal as a company is to support our employees and provide an interesting and viable long-term career for themselves.

Creating a Lasting Company Culture

One of the tools that has helped us achieve a strong culture? Zenefits! The integrated HR people management platform has helped us modernize our onboarding program and our benefits offerings, which in turn has contributed to greater employee retention. While many people might think this, company culture is not just a trendy catchphrase. Companies that neglect to establish and maintain a strong identity face increased risks, such as falling into an employee defined culture (not in line with company values/beliefs), missing out on quality candidates, and/or losing valued employees. On the more positive side, businesses that take the time to instill a strong company culture will see a variety of returns, such as attracting like-minded talent, differentiating their employer brand, inspiring great work, and uniting employees with shared visions and values.

A key factor in building company culture is the onboarding – something you have only one chance to get right. Employee onboarding is more than just training and a checklist – it’s personal, and it’s meaningful. When it comes to the new hire experience, it shouldn’t just be all handshakes and health insurance forms; it’s about making them feel welcome, comfortable, and confident in their new role.

Employers are constantly competing to attract and retain highly qualified individuals, and 69% of employees are willing to stay with a company for at least three years after a great onboarding experience. As soon as a new employee has verbally accepted their job offer, it’s important to nurture and provide a great experience so they feel confident in their decision. With Zenefits’ platform, our business has been freed of administrative headaches by creating templated contracts, accepting digital signatures, and having visibility on both sides of where your new team member is in the process. Streamlining all of these small (yet very important details) has saved our team significant time. 

How EmeSec Leverages Zenefits for Success

EmeSec uses Zenefits to help eliminate human error, organize onboarding, and to streamline our process starting with an integrated Applicant Tracking System. Within Zenefits, we’re able to centralize everything job related, avoid potentially costly mistakes, and personalize details for each new hire. The step by step onboarding process walks new hires though taxes, direct deposit, benefits, employment documents, and more. Once onboarding is complete via Zenefits, the new team member is virtually introduced to their team prior to their start date. This helps break the ice before even stepping foot into the office! 

When a candidate is navigating the job selection process, a big part of their decision-making process might be the benefits package. How a company positions itself in terms of what it offers to their employees is a critical component of company culture, and an integral part of an employer’s compensation package. Small businesses like EmeSec have to be able to expand their employee benefits program beyond just medical in order to attract, retain, and take better care of the people who make their business a success. With Zenefits, EmeSec is able to offer not only medical, but voluntary benefits as well. Voluntary benefits are add-on products that can provide financial help in times of crisis or in the case of an accident or illness an include extras like vision, dental, life insurance, short-term disability, 401K, PTO, employee assistance program (EAP), etc.. Employees, too, (not just your company admin) have the ability to log into their account to obtain premium costs, insurance cards, and connect with the carriers. Finally, the access to COBRA is a tremendous timesaver for our Human Resource department. 

Prioritizing Routine Feedback

In keeping with EmeSec’s goal to continuously improve, EmeSec encourages its employees to take an annual employee satisfaction survey which helps establish what employees want and need.  This allows EmeSec to revisit our benefit options annually, to find out which ones are being utilized and which ones are not. In some cases, employees just need to be educated on certain benefits and how they can take advantage of them.  The employee satisfaction survey also helps measure our workplace to discover any underlying issues. It is our intention to publish the results of the survey annually ( and anonymously), and to track satisfaction with our progress (both good and bad).  We value our employees’ candid feedback to make this process constructive and effective.

So, how does all of the above translate to our employee retention? According to Zenefits’ ‘Employee Turnover’ report, EmeSec had a 5.2% turnover rate for 2017, compared to the 2017 national average of 10-15% (reference: SHRM).  EmeSec attributes our low turnover to our company culture, starting with our first impression (onboarding) which includes our wonderful benefit package. EmeSec has a culture of shared thoughts, assumptions, behaviors, and values that includes those of our employees and stakeholders.  EmeSec also has an open-door policy, all employees can speak with anyone within our organization, including the CEO at any time. When employees feel heard, they have a great sense of participation and workplace morale is higher. EmeSec knows that creating a company culture is key to attracting the right employees and, in turn driving business growth. Company culture is the key differentiator that sets you apart from your competitors and ultimately forms the competitive landscape.

At EmeSec, we are proud that our reputation is one related to notable and strong performance.  As a company recognized as Impactful Government Contractor by the RecognizeDC awards, EmeSec encourages our employees to make a difference. We’re grateful to Zenefits for helping us create a great employee experience for our team!