Empowering ZenNation to Become Engaged Citizens

October 4, 2018

Beth Steinberg, Chief People Officer, Zenefits

I’m proud to announce that Zenefits is officially offering Civic Time Off (CTO) as a benefit to all of our employees across the globe, empowering the ZenNation to become active members in their communities and avid participants in civic endeavors that are most meaningful to them.


Civic Time Off is a new concept for the industry, and we’re excited to be among the first to offer such a benefit. At Zenefits, it’s been a priority to help build our team’s skill set not only as it pertains to professional career growth but also to encourage their development outside of the workplace as engaged and empowered citizens. We encourage all companies join us in these efforts and implement programs like this to extend their employee experience beyond the office walls.


Recently, we’ve seeing embarrassingly low-levels of civic engagement nationwide, as is seen in the new research published by Pew Research. The research found that only 56 percent of U.S. voters participated in the 2016 general election, ranking the U.S. behind most of its peers (coming in 26 out of 32) in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), most of whose members are highly developed states.


Regardless of political affiliation, the responsibility remains on each individual to understand what is happening in their community and to actively participate in a way that aligns with their personal values and belief systems. With our new CTO program, the ZenNation can use this time for any “civic engagement” activities including voting, volunteering for a candidate, attending a school board meeting, canvassing, or any other time devoted to civic participation.   


With our newest benefit offering, we remain true to our core values: the principles that define what it means to be a part of the ZenNation. We celebrate the evolving world of work, and innovate to create solutions for the entire ecosystem. And we believe together, we can achieve anything.