It’s MLB Opening Day! A Letter from Bud

March 29, 2018

Happy Opening Day, ZenNation! 

Every year our country pauses for a very special occasion, Major League Baseball Opening Day, also known as a season that brings the joy of birthdays, Christmas and everything good rolled into one special event.  It’s the kick off of a 162 game season that always delivers elation, heartbreak and every emotion in between. If you’re a big fan like me, you see the start of a new season as the advent of a new beginning, a promise that spring is officially here and that we can finally shrug off the cold winter months. With that new leaf comes a bright new opportunity to support the team that you love. 

Twenty years ago, I began my dedication as a fan to baseball when Phoenix was successful in expanding the MLB by bringing the Diamondbacks to our town. With an investment in tickets to support this franchise, my wife and four kids started the most important process attached to baseball….building a lifelong collection of wonderful memories. Through the last 20 years I’ve attended hundreds of games, and even attended the World Series (when my team won!) in 2001. 

And so it continues today with this 2018 Opening Day. I hope you’ll make time in your busy schedules to make some new memories with your family this baseball season. It doesn’t matter who you’re rooting for so long as you’re having fun and sharing time with your family and friends.

Your resident sports (& benefits) aficionado,