March Madness Fury @ ZenNation!

April 4, 2018

Thank you to Peter Bufete, the leader of our March Madness bracket fun! Continue reading ZenNation updates and to see who’s in the lead with their bracket! 

And the winner is……!!! (4/4 Update)


The NCAA Basketball March Madness Tournament has come to end. Villanova defeated Michigan 79-62 in yesterday’s National Championship game. With the end of the NCAA Tourney comes the end of the Zenefits Bracket Challenge. Sales’ son, Yann Sauvignon, took home the top prize as he finished in first place with 141 points. BPO Teammates Phillip Gleeson and Robert Schafer placed on the podium as well with a total of 132 points each.

1st Place Winner: Yann Sauvignon, Sales

What’s the first thing you’ll buy with your winnings?  The spread on the Warriors game at our first 2018 GSW Fan club event. Watch Party is TONIGHT in the Zenefits Game Room at 5 PM!
What’s the last thing you streamed on Netflix, Hulu, etc.? Dave Chappelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation (again)
Are you involved in any Zenefits clubs/activities? Zenefits Golden State Warriors Fan Club
Who’s your favorite athlete? MJ the GOAT
Where’s your favorite Happy Hour spot? Red’s Java House when it’s nice out.
What is your Spirit Animal? Dog – I’m year of the dog.

2nd Place Winner: Phillip GleesonBenefit Platform Operations 

What’s the first thing you’ll buy with your winnings? Pay off some student loans
What’s the last thing you streamed on Netflix, Hulu, etc.? Billions
Are you involved in any Zenefits clubs/activities? Zenefits Softball & Zenefits Soccer
Who’s your favorite athlete? Zidane
Where’s your favorite Happy Hour spot? Sutter Station Tavern
What is your Spirit Animal? Elephant

Robert Schafer, Benefit Platform Operations

What’s the first thing you’ll buy with your winnings?It will be used on a hidden cost for my wedding that I am not yet aware of.
What’s the last thing you streamed on Netflix, Hulu, etc.?House Hunters
Are you involved in any Zenefits clubs/activities?Zenefits Meditation
Who’s your favorite athlete? LeBron James
Where’s your favorite Happy Hour spot?Hennessy’s Wines And Specialty Foods
What is your Spirit Animal? A red, mini-poodle name Pono (my dog – see below)

For more insanely cute pictures like this, you can follow the Zenefits #dogs SLACK Channel!

And congratulations to our top 10!

4) Greg Bradner, Finance
5) Corey Lee, Product
6) Brian Lee, Carrier Services
7) Doug Tilley, Legal
8) Parker Johnson, BPO
9) Kevin Yamashita, Sales
10) Matt Ketchum, Product Marketing

Thank you to everyone who participated this year! This March Madness surely did not disappoint with plenty of upsets and game winning dramatics.

Hoping to see everyone at the Warriors Watch Party tonight @ 5PM!

Until next year,



Leaderboard Weekly Update Friday, 3/30

We are down to only 4 more teams in the NCAA March Madness Tournament. There’s 3 storied programs, Villanova, Kansas, and Michigan, and 1 Cinderella school, Loyola Chicago. Games begin tomorrow and the National Championship game will be April 2nd. We are nearing the end of the Zenefits March Madness Bracket Challenge and it’s looking a tight race…
Without further adieu, here are your Leaderboard profiles of the week:

Currently in first place with 78 points, Sean McLeary, Product (SF)

March Madness Experience: I don’t really get basketball but my wife (Duke ‘97) has told me repeatedly that Duke will probably choke in the Elite 8 or later. She’s a smart woman.
Favorite Team: Go Giants! Or Sharks! Or the 49ers from the 1980s!
Favorite Core Value: In It Together
Last Movie You Watched in Theaters: Black Panther

2nd Place, 77 Points, Yann Sauvignon, Sales, SF

March Madness Experience: Extensive – claim to fame, in 2001 I picked all 4 final 4 teams accurately, reluctantly choosing Duke to Win. Got lucky”
Alma Mater: Saint Mary’s College – Go Gaels! 
Favorite Core Value: Operate with Integrity
Favorite Lunch Spot Near Office: Brickhouse Cafe & Saloon
Last Movie You Watched in Theaters: A Wrinkle in Time

3rd place, 73 points, Ryan Rybicki, Customer Care (AZ)

March Madness Experience: Exciting Prospect
Alma Mater: Arizona State University
Favorite Core Value: In it Together
Favorite Lunch Spot Near Office: Mucha Lucha
Last Movie You Watched in Theaters: Old School and/or Remember the Titans


Will you be tuning in for the final game tonight?!

Leaderboard Weekly Update 3/23

If you’re like most people, your bracket is beyond busted. You can thank #16 seed University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) for winning against #1 seed University of Virginia for what is being called the biggest upset in March Madness history. Heading into the game, a #1 seed had never lost to a #16 seeded team.
Here are some other big upsets that busted brackets everywhere:
#7 Nevada beating #2 Cincinnati
#11 Loyola-Chicago beating #3 Tennessee
#9 Florida State beating #1 Xavier
#7 Texas A&M beating #2 University of North Carolina
#11 Syracuse beating #2 Michigan State
At the start of the Sweet 16, we had a 3-way tie for 1st place in the Zenefits’ March Madness Bracket Challenge. Here are your leaderboard profiles:

Brian Lee, Carrier Services (SF) University of Southern California 

March Madness Experience: “None”
Favorite Team: “USC”
Favorite Benefits Core Value: “In It Together”
Favorite TV Show now: “I don’t know”
Favorite TV Show as a kid:“Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”
Last thing you bought on Amazon:“A book titled, “Imagine Me Gone” by Adam Haslett”

2nd: Conner Spomer, Retention & Escalations (AZ) Arizona State University 

March Madness Experience: “Seasoned Veteran”  
Favorite Zenefits Core Value:“Empathy Over Ego” 
Favorite TV Show now: “The Newsroom” 
Favorite TV Show as a kid: “Boy Meets World” 
Last thing you bought on Amazon: “Nike Dri-FIT Golf Shirt” 

3rd:  Matt Bowen, Customer Care (AZ) Kent State University

March Madness Experience: N/A
Alma Mater / Favorite Team: “Ohio State University”
Favorite Benefits Core Value: “Act Like an Owner”
Favorite TV Show now: “the X Files”
Favorite TV Show as a kid: “Dukes of Hazzard”
Last thing you bought on Amazon: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

Today is Friday, March 16th, and we are in full-blown March Madness. 13th seeded Buffalo was this year’s big bracket buster as they took down the University of Arizona, a popular favorite to go deep into the tournament. Ryan Villasin, Zenefits’ reigning champion, had his bracket busted yesterday, so it is a guarantee that we will have a new champion this year. There appears to have been only one person in Zenefits to correctly predict the Buffalo over Arizona upset and that was Product’s very own Anchit Nair.


We currently have 2 people atop the leaderboard who picked every game correctly yesterday except for the Buffalo over Arizona upset. Kimberley Heinzmann and Chad Holloway are currently tied for 1st place with 15 points. Coincidentally, they are on the same team here at Zenefits, the Retention and Escalations Team. Here are their profiles:
Kimberly Heinzmann, Retention & Escalations (AZ)
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
March Madness Experience:“Been practicing for this moment since 2010.”
Favorite Zenefits Snack: “La Croix”
Last Played Song On Spotify: “Issa Secret”
Spirit Animal: “Michael Scott”
Chad Holloway, Retention & Escalations (AZ)
University of Arizona
March Madness Experience:“None”
Favorite Zenefits snack: “Kit Kat”
Last Played Song on Spotify“Probably something Classic Rockish”
Spirit Animal:“Chimp”

Here are some more pictures of your colleagues reppin’ their alma maters and/or favorite teams. Enjoy!

Stephanie Chapman, Retention & Escalations (AZ)

Arizona State University

Priyal Patel, Customer Success (AZ)
University of Arizona
(post-Buffalo loss) 
Tanaka Chikosi, Benefit Product Operations (AZ)
University of Virginia
Robert Schafer, Benefit Product Operations (SF)
Brent Warren, People & Talent (SF)
University of Michigan
Ryan VanElslander, Client Account Executives (SF)
Michigan State University