Welcome Didi D’Errico, our new VP of Communications, to Zennation!

January 8, 2018

What are you most excited about working on at Zenefits?

I’ve spent my career in enterprise tech marketing: from databases and analytics to software integration and supply chain management. But my heart belongs to HR technology. I love telling the story of products that I use and that move the needle in making businesses better places to work. So, I am super excited to help build the Zenefits brand by using the product directly to build our own employee experience; engaging with our customers to understand how and why they use the product to grow their teams and their businesses; and sharing that perspective with prospects and market influencers alike.

Describe your perfect Saturday

  • Farmer’s market by 9 am for ridiculously awesome seeded breadsticks from Feel Good Bakery. Seriously, every Saturday.
  • Belly Dancing class at 10 am with my bestie (mostly to laugh, and also to work off the breadstick addiction).
  • Hike or Mountain bike in Mount Diablo open space with my husband and dog.
  • A few minutes on DuoLingo to work on my German, since our son just took his first job in Berlin in October.
  • Dinner with friends.

If you could invent an ice cream flavor, what would it be?

Chocolate Prosecco Gelato. Or maybe seeded breadstick sorbet?!

Who inspires you?

So many people. But my mom tops the list. Equal parts: big brain (Duke, Yale and Stanford), big heart (tireless medical professional, feminist, teacher and advocate) and small ego (do what’s right, because it’s right; not for the spotlight).