Meet George Ambartsoumian, Office Management, SF

January 25, 2018

Tell us about your favorite project that you’ve worked on at Zenefits

My favorite project has to be the move! I think it helped me grow in my career more than anything. It helped in coordinating with so many different departments to bring what you see today to life. This project is my favorite because it gave me a big role in creating such a happy and appealing work environment for everyone at Zenefits.


What is your favorite app and why?

My favorite app has to be the time and attendance app hands down! I love being able to clock in at the ease of my phone. In a world that is highly personalized and dependant on our smartphones …. it’s great that I can have that control at my fingertips.


Describe your perfect Sunday.

Waking up to a nice smooth breeze with a warm sun! Relaxing on my patio with an ice cold beer, shades on my face … chillin on a bean bag with my dogs. Around noon-ish going on a motorcycle ride up Mount Diablo with friends for the rest of the day. Then watching game of thrones and having a good time with friends for the night!


If you could have dinner with three celebrities or public figures (at the same time), who would you invite?

I would invite….. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Brad Bird, and Steve Jobs…. (Doesn’t say they have to be alive right?)