Meet Jesse Noyes, Head of Content, San Francisco

April 18, 2018

Hey Jesse! We’re so excited to have you at ZenNation. What are you most looking forward to learning here?

I love marketing because it’s an opportunity to be educated by your customers every single day and, in turn, to pass what you learn onto the market. Small and mid-size businesses are the real backbone of our economy, yet often overlooked and underserved. I’m thrilled that every day I’ll have a chance to learn from successful, smart business owners and their teams about how they not only keep the lights on, but grow despite tough challenges. Telling these stories is what drives me.

Who do you look up to?

My father was a community builder in a small, rural town. He put the needs of that community first, and I’ve always felt if I can live up to half of his example, I’ll have done well in life.

If you could max out your credit card at any one store, where would you do so?

Any fly fishing shop. It’s dangerous for me to even walk in.

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

The X-Files

What is your favorite cereal?

Multigrain Cheerios.