Meet Jordan Mazur, Legal Counsel, San Francisco

November 25, 2017

Describe the most┬árewarding project you’ve worked on at Zenefits

I get excited anytime we launch a new product or tool our customers have been requesting. When we first delivered our ACA reporting tool, people would call Support just to thank us for creating something that made sense of all of the requirements. Those projects, which always require input from teams across the organization and patient feedback from our incredible customers, are the ones that make me smile the most.

What do you love about your job? What’s challenging about it?

The opportunity our company has to connect employees and companies to the systems they need to work well and the benefits they earn from that work is almost unlimited. It is the biggest opportunity and biggest challenge at once. We have such a unique chance to simplify and streamline the often maddeningly confusing products and services associated with the workplace and benefits. Solving the logistical problems and bringing together the disparate frameworks within which traditional businesses operate to create an integrated platform for easy access and management is exciting and highly motivating.

What makes you happy outside of work / how do you spend your ideal weekend?

My four-year-old daughter makes me happy, inside and outside of work. Her infectious enthusiasm and seeming unending energy make her really fun to be around. And watching her learn and trying to keep up with her limitless curiosity help to always keep things in perspective.

What’s your favorite app? Why?

The Points Guy / TPG to Go. ┬áI travel compulsively, so keeping up on the latest in airline and hotel news, as well as loyalty points programs and credit cards, helps me with ideas and strategies for my next trip(s). I check in daily, even if I’m not planning a specific trip.