5 Reasons Why with Souvik Das, SVP Engineering

October 17, 2017

I have been building products and technologies in the software industry for more than two decades. My passion remains working for companies that are changing the course of an industry – be it Internet infrastructure, financial services, or healthcare. Zenefits fits that criteria for a number of reasons, so when the opportunity came to my attention, I was immediately interested. Zenefits is reshaping the way people work, and the product we are building is an essential component to addressing that evolution. I am excited to dive in with the team, especially for the following reasons:
1. Belief in the mission: Zenefits is on a mission to empower people working in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) so that they can unleash their greatest potential. Empowered employees are engaged, happy, more productive, and thus produce significantly better business outcomes for their employers. Zenefits provides the software and the tools to enable that. I firmly believe in the mission of Zenefits, and having worked at PayPal for a decade building software and products for SMBs, this space feels like home to me.
2. Amazing opportunity: I believe that the target market opportunity for Zenefits is huge. SMBs are the engine that powers a large percentage of the US economy and many countries around the world. Insofar as connectivity is concerned, we are at a very exciting inflection point. Small and medium sized businesses everywhere are more equipped than ever to leverage the power of the Internet for their companies. With that in mind, Zenefits is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this opportunity to provide the best software, tools and technologies for employers and employees alike. What an opportunity!
3. Culture of Innovation: The culture of Zenefits is steeped in innovation. The product that Zenefits has built is highly innovative. Zenefits provides consumer-grade usability and flexibility across mobile and web channels in addition to enterprise-grade stability, reliability, and quality. This is not easy to accomplish. I am very impressed to see the product and engineering innovation at work at Zenefits.
4. Leadership team: Jay has put together a world-class new leadership team – a team that has deep expertise in building, scaling and operating large businesses. It’s great to be part of such a mature leadership group.
5. World class engineering team: As I was going through the interview process, I talked to many engineers within the organization. I was amazed at the talent quality, engineering expertise, and the can-do-attitude demonstrated by the team. Coming in, I am even more amazed to discover some of the deep technical work that Zenefits engineers have built in our application and infrastructure stacks. I am humbled by the opportunity to lead such a talented tech team.