Tanmaya Hobbs, SMB Account Executive, San Francisco

November 20, 2018

Who is your dream dinner guest?

Dream dinner guest: Currently living person, Steve Kerr.  He’s a 5 time NBA champ as a player on 2 different teams as well as a very successful Warriors coach with 3 championships so far.  He must have some great life advice with all the success he has achieved, despite multiple setbacks in his personal life. Would love the chance to pick his brain about his views on life.  

What has you most excited about joining the Zenefits team?

Growing my career with Zenefits and actually making a difference in other people’s lives with such a great product.

Tell us something that you’re excited to accomplish at ZenNation:

What I’m excited to accomplish at ZenNation: Exceeding monthly goals on a regular basis!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Going to concerts with friends.

What does a perfect Saturday look like to you?

2am: eating a great slice of pizza.  11am: wake up and enjoy the fact I got to sleep in.  11:30-1:30: head to brunch with friends and try something new on the menu.  2-5: Enjoy the sunshine at Dolores Park or Fort Mason. 6-night time: Go out with friends to enjoy the SF nightlife.