Thursday at ZenNation: A Day in the Life of Tori Randolph, Customer Care Associate

May 15, 2018

Here at ZenNation, we believe in constant learning, open channels of communication, and celebrating the work that we each accomplish each and every day. In hopes to showcase those priorities, we want to showcase all of the cool things our team is working on to help demystify what working in technology really means. Our latest blog series, “A Day in the Life” spotlights what working at Zenefits is like for our employees. Continue reading for a snapshot of Tori Randolph’s daily routine as a Customer Care Associate in our Tempe, Arizona office. 

7:00 AM: It’s Thursday, so I get to the office early to get settled before the end of the week and make my coffee. Thursday also means burrito day, so I’m pumped to be in before my manager arrives with the breakfast goodness! My getting settled means choosing an area that I want to work from the day – I am a desk gypsy! I love the change of scenery and being mobile in my work environment. 

7:30 AM: I get logged in so I am available for customers to chat in their questions. I field everything from payroll, insurance, HR and beyond – the incoming questions can be a bit of a surprise!

9:15 AM: Break time! I crack jokes with my fellow teammates and take silly photos with Snapchat filters. We’re always causing a ruckus over in Customer Care 🙂 

11:30 AM: I’m getting a little hangry — but that’s ok because we have soy nuggets and mac and cheese coming for lunch. I head to the kitchen, grab my meal and my favorite flavor La Croix and enjoy some peace and quiet. The Customer Care section can get a little loud at this time of day with everyone on the phone, so I’m glad to have a moment to get organized.

1:30 PM: Team meeting time! I join my fellow chat team members and our manager for a half hour meeting. Our manager asks us all what time period we would like to go back and live in. We’re all surprised and laugh at some of our team members’ choices. This weekly sync is the perfect opportunity for us all to align on what we’re focusing on, how we can help one and other, and plan for the week ahead. 

4:30 PM: I wrap up my pending work for the day and look at Friday’s calendar. I’m ready to jump in the car and fight off the growing Tempe traffic! Tonight I’m looking forward to unwinding with some new Netflix and kitten cuddles.